Alekhine’s Gun Fits Queens For A “Crown of Knives”

Force of nature.
Is there a phrase that better encapsulates the pure transcendent fury actress/frontwoman/fool crusher Jessica Pimentel exudes during a performance by genre bending extreme metallers Alekhine’s Gun?

Maybe, maybe not. That sort of charisma and élan is admittedly difficult to bind up in words — as anyone privileged enough to have been on hand for the band’s roiling, perception-leveling set at Blackthorn in Queens a couple weeks back will no doubt attest.

By way of proof, Decibel presents exclusive video of Alekhine’s Gun performing “Crown of Knives (Tsoncha Korlo)” below…

The track is available for free download as part of the excellent compilation, NYC Sucks: Volume 4. The first Alekhine’s Gun EP, Meditations in Wrath, can be procured via Bandcamp. The brilliant Jeanne Fury dug into the juncture of metal and Pimentel’s role on the Netflix series Orange is the New Black here.