STREAMING: Horrendous “Nepenthe”

“Traditional, classic death metal,” is how guitarist/vocalist Damian Herring describes Horrendous. “Thrashing, ripping, yet melodic and churning with the weight of a thousand corpses; ready your minds for an aural assault that will twist your brain in the vat. You’ll be tossed into the pits of depression, quartered between the subterranean watchtowers of hell and the jaws of Charybdis, and sacrificed at the altar.”

If that sounds intense then wait until you hear Horrendous’ new album, Ecdysis. Born in the fires of classic death metal—we’re specifically thinking Dismember’s Like an Ever Flowing Stream—but energized with youthful enthusiasm, Horrendous take the New Wave of Old-School Death Metal back from pretenders and never-weres.

And if we must note, while new track “Nepenthe” rips our skulls open and plays brutal with our brains, the cover art to Ecdysis is tops. Possibly a classic in the making. Very Beksinski-esque. Painted by Brian Smith, the cover art gives weight—as Herring says above “of a thousand corpses”—to the music. It connects the aural with the visual. Killer!

Alright buttercups. Ready your minds for Horrendous’ “Nepenthe”.

** Horrendous’ new album, Ecdysis, is out October 14th, 2014 on Dark Descent Records in CD, vinyl, and digital formats. Pre-orders will be available HERE. Fall just got brutal.