Decibrity Playlist: Mutilation Rites

Mutilation Rites’ last record, Empyrean, landed on our top 40 records of 2012. To these ears, however, the group’s new LP tops that effort and so we’ve been playing it on a near daily basis since it dropped last week (Daniel Lake also streamed the whole thing here earlier this month). Since the Brooklynites just finished up an East Coast jaunt, we figured we’d check in with bassist Ryan Jones about what he and his bandmates spin in the van while on the road (we’re really going to start a book of these soon). Not surprisingly, his picks span the musical spectrum. Be sure to pick up a copy of Harbinger here.

Eyehategod’s “Anxiety Hangover” (from 1996’s Dopesick)
Because I usually have one. Eyehategod is a staple in our van and this is one that creeps into the mix often.

Dispirit’s “Ixtab’s Lure” (from 2010’s Rehearsal At Oboroten demo)
This is good for a post-show drive on a shitty rainy night when everyone else is passed out and it’s just you and the road. This song weaves you down a murky path to hell.

Skip James’ “Devil Got My Woman” (from 1968’s Devil Got My Woman
Distorted guitars and pummeling drums can get tiring on tour. This is a different kind of heavy that no screaming can conjure.

Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass’s “Spanish Flea” (from 1965’s !!Going Places!!)
We listen to this song in the van to take a mental vacation. To a place where the water is clear, the linens are clean and the children are happy.

Abominable Putridity’s “Skin Removal” (from 2007’s In The End Of Human Existence)
Somebody better call the Slambulance!

Motörhead’s “Born To Raise Hell” (from 1993’s Bastards)
This is the anthem to get us in the mood for the after-party.

Tangorodrim’s “Horror” (from 2002’s Those Who Unleashed)
Israeli Hellhammer worship! Self-described “alcoholic black metal”, these guys would apparently get completely shitfaced and loosely write songs. It’s like they wrote music just for me. They changed drummers after this album and then released a more focused album, but I prefer the earlier material.

The Yellow River Boys’ “Hot Piss” (from 2013’s Urinal St. Station)
Good old fashioned American rock ‘n’ roll!

Blasphemophagher’s “Chaostorm Of Atomization” (from 2011’s The III Command of the Absolute Chaos)
Italian war metal freaks, this is the opening track on their most recent full-length. After a stereotypical metal album intro, complete with computer game Doom samples of demons and fireballs shooting, the song starts with riffs that go straight for the jugular. A band with significantly more clarity in production than most muddy and hissed Blasphemy worship bands, this album is one of my more recent favorites.

Vordr’s “Rhythm Of The Storms” (from 2004’s I)
Finnish ignorance. A slightly more audible Ildjarn, these guys are the kings of the monkey beat. Some people get turned off by the tortured vocals, but I love early Burzum and don’t find these vocals nearly as offensive as that or Silencer or any of that other goofy DSBM people get down with.

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