STREAMING: Saturn “So, You Have Chosen Death”

Retro is cool. Retro is where the girls are at. Retro is where the dollars are at. If you’re retro, you’ve got it made. Unless you’re in the business of retro heavy metal. Then, you just get the girls. Just ask Swedes Saturn. With just a few strums of their throwback axes and bygone haircuts, they hook in the ladies. Actually, we have no idea about their womanizing abilities. But we do know the Swedes take heavy metal back to when it was pure and good. No frills or GI Joe jumpsuits or Superhero Monster cover art. Saturn let the music and cool persona do all the talking.
“We’re trying to not copy anything but of course we’re influenced by the music that we love,” says guitarist Robin Tidebrink. “It’s as simple as trying to create music that we would like to listen to ourselves. We are keeping it true and simple. Don’t make things harder just for the sake of it! If a track that we’re satisfied with just clocks in at 2 minutes, we keep it that way. We don’t have any rules or any templates to adhere to. We recorded everything except vocals live at the same time, so what you hear is what you get on a live show. If people love guitar and bass-driven heavy metal from the 70s and mix it with blues and thrash, they are going to love what we do. Be prepared for heavy metal, blues rock and many great guitar riffs along with unique vocals!”

And, folks, that’s exactly what you have with “So, You Have Chosen Death”. It’s Friday, too. So, pop open a cold one, crank up the volume and ride off into the weekend sunset with Saturn. That’s what we’re doing.

** Saturn’s new album, Ascending (Live in Space), is out August 5th on Rise Above Records. Pre-orders are available HERE if you need a good ole dose of traditional Swedish heavy metal.