Black Anvil Joins Lineup for Decibel 10th Anniversary Show at Saint Vitus!

It’s like eight zillion degrees in Philly today, so in the spirit of delusional wishful thinking, we’re telling ourselves that October 18 is riiiiiiiiight around the corner. October 18, of course, being the date of our “Decibel Takes Manhattan (and Brooklyn)” 10th anniversary shows, in which we’ll be wearing light jackets and merrily thrashing our way through Manhattan’s Best Buy Theater (for Amon Amarth, Sabaton and Vallenfyre) and Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus Bar (for Evoken and Skeletonwitch).
If you’re sharing the same it’ll-be-frostbitten-soon fantasy, we just put a cherry on top. In addition to Evoken and Skeletonwitch, we’re pleased to announce that the mighty Black Anvil will be fucking shit up at Vitus as well! The hometown black/thrash merchants are one of the most ambitious subgenre-jugglers in the underground, and should fit perfectly between Evoken’s crushing doom hymns and Skeletonwitch’s runamok thrash.

Okay, enough fucking around. Get your Saint Vitus show tickets here, and Best Buy tickets here.