Midnight flexi disc of Venom cover now available!

Cleveland’s finest hooded hellions Midnight get lead review honors in September’s Decibel for their ripping sophomore full-length No Mercy for Mayhem. But that’s not the only honor the issue bestows upon Athenar and crew conjuring the earliest days of black metal majesty. Midnight make their Flexi Series debut with a full-throttle take on longtime influence Venom’s classic “Too Loud (for the Crowd)”.
This Lucifer-loving rager closes Venom’s 1985 record, Possessed. Arriving on gold on white plastic, “Too Loud (for the Crowd)” will only rear its deformed head in the Flexi Series, not on No Mercy for Mayhem. There are an extremely limited number of issues containing the flexi available for order here in Decibel’s webstore. Move on it now, or regret it forever.