VIDEO PREMIERE: Miasmal “Excelsior”

Cursed Redeemer is in my opinion a bit rawer and more live-oriented than our previous stuff,” pontificates Miasmal stringbanger Pontus to Metalship, “with a tad more rock ‘n’ roll thrown into the mix. I think you can hear that we’ve been playing a lot live since the first album, we have grown together a bit more musically as well. When we recorded the first album we had just played two live shows.”
Older and wiser, Miasmal crafted a death metal album for the ages. Whereas the group’s 2011 self-titled effort felt like it was taken from an early ’90s grave, new album Cursed Redeemer has that back-to-life quality to it. Miasmal are still zombified and ugly as grandma’s saggy nipples, but they have a bit more edge now, a bit more focus in their raw death salute. In fact, the first song, “Until The Last”, to premiere from Cursed Redeemer felt a lot like a Dis-core song written expressly for the HM-2 and fans who remember mail-ordering import death metal for cool hard Jackson.

So, make your middle of the road day better by streaming Miasmal’s ultra-good, mega-brutal G’burg death.

** Miasmal’s new album, Cursed Redeemer, is out now on Century Media Records. It’s available HERE in a few hundred packages. One even includes a Miasmal patch so you don’t have to buy one from those bootleg patch booths at MDF. Now, that’s true death metal!