FREE DOWNLOAD: Electric Citizen’s “Savage”

Our own Adrien Begrand has been raving about Electric Citizen for months now (like here, for example), and since he has pretty impeccable taste (for a Canadian), I figured I would check them out – and he was right. The nice thing about this whole occult rock trend is that the bands need to have actual songs in order to stand out. Electric Citizen have those in spades. Their debut, Sateen, hits all the creepy, catchy notes we want from the style while establishing their own distinct, shimmering sound. The album is out now, so you should already have it, but in case you don’t, we are pleased to offer an exclusive download of the song “Savage.” According to singer Laura Dolan, “We call this song our little ripper. It’s about gettin’ angry and fightin.”
And hey, even better – if you want the whole album, head over to Twitter, where we will be giving away vinyl/CD bundles (courtesy of RidingEasy Records) to THREE random winners over the next 24 hours! Hail Sateen.

***Sateen is out now on RidingEasy. Check out the band’s website here. Download the album here. Purchase the wax here.