STREAMING: We Have a Ghost’s “We Have a Ghost”

While perhaps not the most extremely extreme thing we’ve covered on this blog, We Have a Ghost are nonetheless one of those bands that dovetail nicely with metal mentality. For one thing, it’s a real downer of a record. A lot of it feels reminiscent of the more unsettling ambient passages from The Fragile-era Nine Inch Nails. It’s definitely on the low-key side of things, but it’s a haunting key. See what I did there? “Haunting?” I didn’t even do it intentionally, but I kind of have to leave it now, don’t I? Anyway. Listen below!

***We Have a Ghost comes out on July 22 courtesy of Bleeding Light. You can preorder the vinyl and digital download here (although apparently it’s going to be “name your price” when it comes out, so might be worthwhile to wait).