Expain – Vancouver Band Acts Like Wise Acres, Premiere’s New Song and Eviscerates Classic Tune

So, this band from Vancouver called Expain (formerly known as The Almighty Excruciating Pain), who are as indebted to thrash as they are to quick-change jazz, Weired Al Yankovic’s discography and dusty recordings of the old Doctor Demento radio show, has a new album coming out. It’s self-released (well, sort of, as it was aided in part by a crowdfunding campaign), called Just the Tip and if you, like a good friend of mine does, have a real problem with humour in your metal, you’d best slump your shoulders in defeat and take a long walk around whatever po-dunk town you call home because, well, the album is fucking called Just the Tip. And if that doesn’t ‘tip’ you off, slink on over to the photos section of their facebook page and try and find a shot where someone isn’t mugging or pulling some goofy pose for the camera. And if that doesn’t drop enough clues in your lap, know that the band also have their own comedy webseries.

The occasion of this particular blog post is to premiere a track from said album entitled “Allegiance to Pain” which, considering I’m telling you about this and you can listen to the track below, is technically what’s up. However, in rooting around and finding out bit more about this band, I stumbled across their cover and video and John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Let the ridiculousness begin!

A brief example of some of their mugging…

deciblog - expain

Just the Tip, the cover…

deciblog - expain cover