Seriously Real Shit From My Fictions

Jonesing for some blackout-dark, dynamic-as-fuck, gloriously oppressive, progressive-yet-unabashedly-brutal hardcore reminiscent of Blacklisted and early American Nightmare?
What a coincidence! We’ve got an exclusive track off the straight-up awesome upcoming full-length debut from soon-to-be scene levelers My Fictions streaming below.

Stranger Songs is an LP we’ve been working on for over two years,” guitarist/vocalist Ryan Boone tells Decibel. “It’s our darkest, heaviest material to date and I think we’re all happy with the end result. ‘Mt. Misery’ opens the album and might be my favorite track on the record. It has a lot of the D-beat elements that people might expect from our band, but with this song in particular we experimented with some lower, darker chords and tried some new things.”

Stranger Songs is out July 1. Preorder it here. For more information visit the My Fictions Facebook and Bandcamp pages.