STREAMING: Wretched “Cannibal”

“Well, from the get go, we wanted to write a straightforward heavy record from start to finish,” says guitarist Steven Funderburk in a recent interview with No Clean Singing. “We had nothing but heavy grooving in mind. It just made sense to have a title that not only fit with the lyrical content, but with the musical aspect of the record. We wanted to get straight to the point with the title, artwork, and everything behind this record. No frills, just straight-up in-your-face metal.”
Having gone through Cannibal’s 11 tracks, we can wholeheartedly agree with Funderburk. Wretched’s fourth full-length is no-frills brutality. It’s an attack on the head and gut, which is, after all, the point of death metal, modern and old-school. The manic feeling, however, is the frenetic pace at which Cannibal was written. Wretched wrote for 10-12 hours a day for about 30 days straight. There’s a spontaneity to Cannibal that wasn’t present on previous efforts. But, for those instrumental fans, Wretched carved out two for Cannibal.

OK, we’re done yammering. Onto Wretched’s Cannibal!

** Wretched’s new album, Cannibal, comes out June 10th on Victory Records. Product packages are available HERE for those who can stomach North Carolina death. Oh, and big plus: Wretched have branded gym shorts, which are perfect for sweatpants boners without the added fabric.