Video Premiere: Throne of Vengeance’s “Live Evil”

Calgary’s Throne of Vengeance was one of the bands mentioned in a recent edition of our “Throw Me a Frickin’ Bone,” the magazine’s space for demos and self-releases as curated and delivered by some half-black Canadian nerd face. In said edition of the column we affectionately refer to as ‘boner,’ said hack described the band with the following: …”straddles the hard rock/thrash line, sounding like Pantera without the bacon, whiskey and BBQ sauce stains. Or like Megadeth once they started writing music for sporting event TV time-outs.” Now, Throne of Vengeance has a video on the ready for Live Evil ‘s title track/single, which as far the ears of ol’ half-black nerd face are concerned, is one of the album’s tracks that falls outside of the above description. When it was proposed that a potential tie-in might include mention of Game of Thrones, said Canadian nerd face scratched his cleanly shore half-black pate in authentic confusion. You see, he’d heard of Game of Thrones – and, in all honesty, when he originally heard about it, thought it was a video game – but had never, and still hasn’t, laid his bespectacled eyes on an episode of the period drama. After doing a little bit of research, your intrepid hero quickly discovered that the rest of the world appears to have gotten their undergarments in a humongous barrel hitch knot over the show and online debate has been a-ragin’ about the increasingly graphic displays of sex and how some of those scenes apparently are bordering on full blown depictions of rape. Thankfully, no such controversy follows the video for “Live Evil,” just a bunch of, well, let’s let drummer Trevor Cobb explain in his own words:

“Live Evil is the title track from our 2013 EP. The song is a testament to karma involved in our everyday lives, with every action there are equal and unavoidable reactions. The video sheds light on Tommy (our lead singer)’s day as he goes about his business. He is faced with two choices and the resulting consequences are brought to life. Will he take a moral stand or let the evils of inaction consume him?”

For further info and/or to order a copy, check out Throne of Vengeance online: