STREAMING: God Macabre “Lost”

Back in 2002, Relapse had the hairy balls to reissue a relatively unknown yet cult favorite in God Macabre’s The Winterlong. This was well before labels X, Y, and Z got on the reissue bandwagon of unfurling low visibility releases like they were unmined gold. Anyway, organized with full consent of the band by ex-Relapse death metal curator Tom H., the 2002 reissue featured updated artwork (uncredited by Paul Romano), the Consumed by Darkness EP (by predaters Macabre End), and an eBay-friendly price point.
Twelve long years later, both The Winterlong (the original on M.B.R. and the reissue on Relapse) are sought after collectibles in aftermarkets everywhere. Relapse could’ve re-re-released The Winterlong at the height of the New Wave of Old-School Death Metal in 2008, but they didn’t, opting to follow the re-release of Death’s storied catalog like true warriors instead. At least, that’s the story we’re telling.

So, what does re-re-released The Winterlong feature? For one, Relapse and God Macabre unearthed a previously unreleased track called, “Life’s Verge”. It rules! Sort of the Autopsy-Carnage-Paradise Lost mix that made the debut so riveting. For two, they’ve put this bastard on vinyl. Trust us, it’s massive sounding. For three, they made t-shirts. Fucking finally!

Check out what founding member Ola Sjoberg had to say about the original re-issue: “I don’t know how many times during the years since the original release that people have been asking about the CD, what happened to it and where to get it. To be honest, with the Relapse release I feel the CD got the kind of release it deserved.” (credit: DigitalMetal) We’re pretty sure he’s equally chuffed about the re-re-release as well.

OK, Monday is murder day at the hands of Swedish legends God Macabre!

** God Macabre’s The Winterlong is available from Relapse Records as a pre-order (HERE) in a few awesomely awesome formats, including a gold/black vinyl merge that’ll set your nerd radar on high alert. If you don’t do the buy thing, LIKE God Macabre on Facebook

** Look for God Macabre on their North American debut at Maryland Deathfest on Saturday May 24, 2014 at the Edison Lot! Yes, we’ll be up front!