British Binah Rupture Your Silence with New 7″

Today, Decibel celebrates the release of a new 7″ recording by English heavy-hitters Binah with a stream of the EP’s first track, “Rupture of Silence.” The song and its two companions, Side A’s “Hempiteran Maraud” and Side B’s “Torpid Blight of the Spirit,” comprise A Triad of Plagues, about 12 minutes of ripping death metal goodness. Guitarist/vocalist I.R.G. informs us, “the EP is centred around the concept of plagues, each song approaching the theme from a different perspective.”

This follows the band’s 2012 release, Hallucinating in Resurrecture, and in what fine form! Chaos tears open “Rupture of Silence” before a grumbling mood-changer heralds a much more palatable groove midsong. But don’t take my word for it!

Per the label, Dark Descent: “It is available [today] in purple vinyl or black vinyl via a co-release between Dark Descent Records ( and Me Saco Un Ojo Records ( The band is also playing their first live show along with Necros Christos in London on June 14th.”

I.R.G. is quick to point out that the show should be considered a rare live appearance, since the band does not expect to play many live shows after this.

Consider yourself ruptured.