STREAMING: Cradle of Filth’s “The Raping Of Faith”

It might seem like Cradle Of Filth has been around forever because, well, they have. But even the black metal superstars had their formative period. One of the documents of that time was Total Fucking Darkness, COF’s third demo.
Decibel got the first sneak peak of this old but new material, the track “The Raping Of Faith.” The demos were restored by Dani Filth and former guitarist Paul Ryan (of The King Is Blind) and Cacophonous Records founder Frater Nihil. The upcoming album due in mid-May will include a remastered version of the demo along with material that’s been shelved for two decades. So if you dig Cradle of Filth this should be pretty sweet.

Stream “The Raping Of Faith” below and preorder the album from Mordgrimm here.