STREAMING: Aurvandil’s “Thrones”

Aurvandil play sick folk-influenced black metal. You can listen to our debut of their second screed to the darkness below, and in the meantime, here’s the man himself to explain what’s going on.
What’s your writing process like? There are a lot of intricate layers going on in the music and that must be complicated to compose.

AURVANDIL is rather simple, 4/4 riff-based music with more or less subtle developments and the occasional leads. The intricacy is the alchemical reaction of all melodies and emotions falling in place, rather than the result of obscure and complex writing or technicality.

Are there any specific lyrical themes running through Thrones?

Hatred, isolation, bitterness, glory, purity, and the morbid yet peaceful contemplation of the End.

Why do you feel that black metal is the ideal form of artistic expression for you?

Black Metal is Catharsis, the unhindered reaction to modern deliquescence, covering a wide range of emotions and ideas/ideals. From misanthropic solitude to martial glory, through melancholic meditation to blasphemy, from total destruction to positive creation. From infancy to adulthood.

Do you feel that Thrones is the culmination of what you’ve done to this point or merely a stepping stone towards future achievements?

It is verily both. The end of a inward oneiric northbound journey, and the first stone indeed in building a definite sanctuary, a last stronghold.

 ***Get it from Eisenton records here.