Noisem and Occultist release split covers 7″ on A389 Recordings

Record Store Day (RSD) is tomorrow, April 19th. Record Store Day was created to celebrate and extract cash from habitual brick and mortar record store junkies (hey, Decibel are record store junkies). But the best thing about RSD is that labels, large and small, produce cool one-offs for collectors (nay, junkies) to stash, drool on, or, let’s be honest, eBay.
One such label is Baltimore-based A389 Recordings. They’ve corralled Noisem and Occultist, where they cover Repulsion’s “Slaughter Of The Innocent” and The Plasmastics’ “The Damned”, respectively. Check them out below!

Everyone understands that some punters can’t make it out to RSD, so A389 will have a limited amount of 7″s available — strictly 100 — via the label’s webstore. The 7″ features a kick-ass cover by Szymon Siech and said 7″ comes with “a huge 24×36 movie poster”, which is rad for rehearsal rooms and lonely bedrooms.

The Noisem/Occultist is available HERE at midnight on 4/19.


The Noisem/Occultist split is part of A389’s split series. So far A389 has nailed down a split with Integrity/Vegas and Ilsa/Seven Sisters of Sleep, which featured cover songs from the movie, Bedazzled. Weird, yes. Awesome, yes.