STREAMING: Frameworks “Familiar Haze”

Gainesville, Florida’s Frameworks aren’t on your radar. If you’re into stuff like Slint and Sincebyman, well, they should be on your radar. Self-described–we think they’re trying to be funny–as “Lounge Screamo” or “Tropical Punk”, Frameworks recalls a time when playing hardcore with a bit of gloom in it wasn’t cool or respected. You had to be macho/strongman like all the bridge ‘n’ tunnel shit that came out of the Northeastern Corridor. Well, that is until Converge and Cave In and ISIS blew out the meatheads.
Recorded by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Comadre) at his Atomic Garden Studios in San Francisco, Loom sounds massive yet decidedly lo-tech. Case in point, “Familiar Haze”, which was, as guitarist Cory Fischer points out, inspired by the movie Lords of Salem. “‘Familiar Haze’ was conjured up after seeing Lords of Salem. In the movie there’s this extremely dark, depressive chord progression that puts women in this satanic/sexual trance. I was instantly attracted to the progression and the idea of how moving music can be, even if it is in this absurd evil way. The progression in ‘Familiar Haze’ was heavily influenced by that, fitting perfectly into the albums darker depressive side. The song sort of formed around that.”

OK, then. Lock up your women. Give them noise-canceling headphones before you crank up “Familiar Haze” on your laptop. We’re not responsible for what Fisher and Frameworks have conjured with it.

** Frameworks’ new album, Loom, is out April 29th on Topshelf Records. It’s available HERE really easy like. Enjoy the sounds of the end. Or, of sexual chocolate.