Stream New French Black Metal From Paramnesia

The French black metal oddity Paramnesia is slowly, casually crawling out of obscurity, now that Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions are set to release the band’s self-titled full-length on April 16th.  Having apparently existed since 2005 (thanks metal-archives!), the project has only recently released recordings in the form of an EP and a split with German outfit Unru.  We say “oddity” because, while there’s lots of great French black metal to be had, not much of it cites proggy American or “Cascadian” black metal as a primary influence.  When Europeans who worship at the altar of blast beats and repetitive hyperspeed chords mention Weakling and Ash Borer as having similar leanings, you know the world has tipped drunkenly on a melting axis.
The new album consists of two 20-minute tracks (titled “IV” and “V”, in keeping with the naming convention begun on their earlier recordings), a segment of which you can hear below.  After whetting your appetite, go check out the older material on their Bandcamp site.  Miserable Friday, everyone!