Decibel Exclusive: First New Meatmen Track in 19 Years!

This is not an April Fool’s joke, except on the politically correct thought police: We have the first new Meatmen track in two decades! When I was a kid I sat in my room and cranked The Meatmen at ridiculous volumes and memorized Tesco Vee’s banter on the classic Meatmen platters. So to say this particular member of the Decibel family is stoked would be a major understatement.
Decibel sat down with the legendary Dutch Hercules last fall for a career-spanning interview. We got the scoop on the new album and planted the seed then: might your extremely extreme magazine host a premiere from the band that was extreme when most other punk and hardcore bands just towed the line? Tesco was game. Thus, we have the first track off of what Uncle Tesco calls “the first new album of Meaty originals since Slick Willie was stickin’ his RG Dunn into Monica Lewinsky’s gaping cavernous vulvatorium.”

Stream “Dinosaur” below and preorder Savage Sagas here. Then check out a Q&A with an American original on new Millenium meat. They’re the Meatmen — and everyone else still sucks.

Can you believe a new Meatmen track is coming out in 2014?

In the grand groovy scheme of things NO! In reality man, fuck yes! I just had to poop out a new platter for the legions of loyal Meatheads who have been patiently waiting … as well as a Jizm Cream Pie facial in the grilles of all the musical shit for taste weenbags out there, who need to hear a real wollop of old school Hate Rock Wack…whether they know it or not.

Tell us a little bit about the track we’re previewing today.

“Dinosaur” was conceived and practiced with the 1996 line up and has been bouncing around in my cranium like a rabid parakeet for all those years until now. It’s autobiographical in nature and full of male-oriented-aggressive rock bravado, and self aggrandizing sarcasm…and as much piss n vinegar as any Meat track should possess. I am from the Mesozoic era of punk rock after all and I’m still slingin the meat after 35 fucking years. The song says it best: “Still the King Of The Crass…Still up here teachin’ the class…30 years of loogie slingin’..if ya still don’t dig my singin’ FACEPLANT! And ANALINGUS MY ASS!”

How would you stack up the lineup of the Meatmen today versus the classic lineups?

Man that’s hard cause I’m so close to it…but fuck me with a rutabaga if this lineup isn’t tighter than Honey Boo Boo’s winkin’ pink brownie cave. I will pit it against any other assemblage of meaty bretheren ever! Quote me on that GI bleed breath!

Is this track representative of what’s on the rest of the record?

Every track is different…20 different slabs from 20 different directions…with nods to every decade of Meat…from the minute long ball peen to the melon 1979 style rippers…to the cock knockin 80’s Juggernaut of full on rock…Christ, we even have a song that should have been on the newest Sabbath record –“Wizards Of The Oblivion.” Lots of tunes about weed…because weed is awesome.

Who did the cover art? How did you decide on the approach?

Craig Horky from Lansing always loved EC Comics. We thought it would be a nice way to action pack your poop chute with an eye popping full color gatefold that represents what we are about…primarly fucking shit up like a bunch of amped up 20 year olds. We wanna satisfy the long suffering throngs of Meatfans who crave new originals.

What can we expect from the Meatmen for the rest of the year?

Lots of shows…Punk Rock Bowling..Two week West Coast Tour in late May and early June ..Shows with Antiseen, Black Fag, Gang Green… go to for all the dates.

Will your shows now include gaping?

Wide open man ass? You bet your sweet blossoms dickfuckers! Come see a real band. Get off your YouTube addicted wheelchair butts and come to a show!