BREWTAL TRUTH: The Next Generation

We’ll get the self-congratulatory crap out of the way right up front. We’ve been writing about craft beer in America’s only monthly extreme music magazine since 2009. No one else was writing about beer and metal at the time. So, we’ll go ahead and plant the we-were-there-first flag in that one. But, if you’ve been following along, you’ve probably noticed that we are no longer the ONLY media covering this growing movement (or whatever you want to call it). There are now numerous blogs and websites, as well as a regular beer-and-metal column on a Chicago alternative weekly’s website.

So, we figured we’d provide you an overview of some of the various different approaches to the subject that are out there, as well as give a little exposure to the people who are doing their part to promote two things close to our heart (and drinkhole). There’s no doubt more out there than what we’re showing you here. If you know of others writing about and promoting beer and metal, feel free to clue us in in the comment section below.

Chicago Reader
Philip Montoro’s “Beer and Metal” column appears in the Chicago Reader every Monday.

Montoro copy

Black Metal and Brews
This blog features more black metal than brews, but we love the tagline of “Dark Beers and Darker Music,” and the passion for both is evident in the writing.

BMandB copy

Kevy Metal’s Cassette Tapes and Craft Beer Blog
Not a ton of text here, but some great pictures of Kevy Metal’s cassette acquisitions and the beers he’s drinking. Cool concept.

kevymetal copy

Manifest Fermentation
Awesome name for this newer blog. It came to our attention with a piece about pairing Soilent Green’s “Lord of the Southern Priest” with Anchor Steam Beer.

manifestfermentation copy

Beer Metal Dude
Uh, this one’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s written by a Texas metalhead who loves craft beer and loves writing about it. Another great blog tagline: “You just drank with the wrong Mexican.”

beermetaldude copy

One Million Beers For Metal
This blog seems to have stalled a bit (no new posts since November), but we included it just because what content is on there is worth checking out. Here’s hoping it gets restarted.

onemillionbeers copy

Adem Tepedelen’s craft beer book, Decibel Presents the Brewtal Truth Guide to Extreme Beers: An All-Excess Pass to Brewing’s Outer Limits, is now available in the Decibel online store.