Decibel Hall of Fame Feature Kick-Starts Agnostic Front Reunion

There have been many proposed Hall of Fame features that have been derailed by inner-band animosity and grudges, but our recent spotlight on Agnostic Front’s groundbreaking NYC crossover masterpiece, Cause for Alarm, in the March issue, actually brought the five musicians that played on the album back together. Guitarists Vinnie Stigma and Alex Kinon, bassist Rob Kabula and drummer Louis Beato have been rehearsing together recently and have announced that, along with vocalist Roger Miret, this reassembled Cause for Alarm lineup will play two shows at the Black N’ Blue Bowl in May. Beato gave us the lowdown on how the Decibel Hall of Fame feature helped inspire the reunion.
“When Roger posted the link to Decibel‘s Hall of Fame [feature] on Facebook, Rob and I were on [FB] as well sharing comments. Then Rob mentioned a reunion and Roger responded in favor of the idea. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Moments later, a private message from Roger appeared that included Rob, and that’s when Roger said he had to delete the thread from public view. He [had] mentioned Black N’ Blue Bowl on that thread, and they hadn’t released any details for [the event] yet. Then, in just a few minutes, plans to celebrate the Cause for Alarm album induction [in the Decibel Hall of Fame] with a reunion performance evolved. And what perfect timing. The BNB Bowl was the perfect event [for the reunion] and we are all very pumped for these two shows. Thank you Decibel for the kick in the ass.”

Details regarding the reunion and the two scheduled appearances also appeared on the Agnostic Front Facebook page:

“Vinnie Stigma, Alex Kinon, Rob Kabula and Louis Beateaux have been practicing for this year’s Black N’ Blue Bowl!!! They will be joined by Roger Miret to complete and perform Agnostic Front’s cross over classic “Cause for Alarm” album that was recorded 28 years ago with this original lineup! This celebrates the record’s induction to Decibel magazine’s hall of fame in it’s March issue! Tickets are available NOW!!!”

Details about the dates and advanced ticket sales can be found here
Saturday, May 17th
Sunday, May 18th