STREAMING: Savage Messiah “Hammered Down”

Savage Messiah frontman Dave Silver knows his thrash ABCs. Formerly of Brit thrashers Headless Cross, Silver’s built a veritable thrash empire around Savage Messiah, for which there are four neck-snapping full-lengths, the newest of which is the upcoming The Fateful Dark. Actually, on new album, The Fateful Dark, Silver and his fellow Messiahs embark on a more “mature” path (think Testament’s transition into Practice What You Preach), and for denizens of old/new/neuvo/nu-whatever thrash that’s pretty important, really. Savage Messiah needed a bit of age and time to curate the perfect blend of aggression and stateliness.
To celebrate the inevitable release of The Fateful Dark, we’ve teamed up with Savage Messiah, the band’s label (Earache/Century Media), and all who murder in the front row to present new track, “Hammered Down”. It pretty much rules if you like good, violent not-so-friendly fun. “The voice you hear at the beginning of this track belongs to a man named Sammy ‘the bull’ Gravano,” says Silver. “Whom history will remember as the highest ranking mafioso to ever turn FBI informant, bringing down the infamous Jon Gotti and changing the face of organized crime in the USA forever. It’s appropriate to the song in the sense that it deals with societal pressures and how they grind people down and make them do things and commit acts that they might not otherwise engage in. This song has been going down great in our European live set and is about as fast and relentless as Savage Messiah get, without neglecting the hook and chant along chorus! Enjoy.”

Indeed, do as Silver says. Enjoy! Decibel isn’t responsible for sore necks, broken furniture, pulled groins, or damaged eardrums.

** Savage Messiah’s new album, The Fateful Dark, is in stores on March 18th. Pre-order is HERE unless you feel like searching for and using your first born child as currency to some eBay vendor for a mint copy of Fools Game.