Fatality’s Wintour Diary

Last summer, the young bucks in Fatality wrote a cogent piece for the Deciblog on how you can successfully crowdfund a project without pissing off fans. As a result, we got to know bassist Adam Zed pretty well and found him to be a likeable and hilarious chap.
Then, he approached the Deciblog about doing a tour diary. We weren’t sold. With a few exceptions, tour diaries are boring and devoid of life and contain nothing new. We get it: you drive long distances, eat terribly and occasionally hook up with a townie. Why should we read 2,000 words on that nonsense?

So, when Zed asked our reaction was: “We’ll do a tour diary if you do it naked.”

Now, Fatality rips and you should go see them if they ever play in your town and buy their stuff. But Adam is also a gamer. He didn’t get completely nude but in a partial homage to Party Boy from Jackass Zed did parts of the tour in red briefs and filmed it. The shit would be funny normally but when you consider most of the hijinks were done in Canada in January, with a balmy average temperature of nine degrees, you will appreciate his work even more.

Bands that want to do a tour diary: the bar has been raised. Unless you write like Faulkner, this is how to do it. The production standards are fantastic thanks to shooter Sean DeCory, who also catalogued this ill-advised winter jaunt by twentysomethings via photos.

Take a listen to some of Fatality’s recent work below. You can praise Adam’s antics on Facebook and check out more photos from the tour. You can buy their music on Bandcamp. Thrash on, young hosers.