TRACK PREMIERE: Prizehog’s “Shed”

Prizehog’s fourth album is called Re-Unvent the Whool. That should give you an idea of just how weird these weirdos are. They come from Portland, because of course. Disconnected sludge floating in an abyss of fuzz, “Shed” is a pretty good example of what you’re going to get when you contaminate your turntable with the record. There are probably songs in here somewhere, but it requires digging pretty deep in the murk. And honestly, these guys make the search a pretty enjoyable experience. Check it out for yourself below.
PRIZEHOG – Re-Unvent the Whool – 03 Shed by DecibelJeff

***Judge this boar for itself on March 4, courtesy of Eolian Empire. Keep track of the insanity with their Facebook page.