STREAMING: Mystifier “Wicca”

It’s time to go back, folks. It’s time to wade way, way back into the primordial ooze and sift out a hallowed blast from the past in this exclusive album stream of GreyHaze Records’ reissue of Mystifier’s Wicca.
The Brazilian black metal legends released Wicca in 1992, and although it has been rereleased a handful of times since, it has been out of print for while. Most of you will be familiar with Mystifier’s incendiary debut LP—but even those unfamiliar with it will recognize plenty of its DNA, as its unholy code has been hardwired into a whole generation of Second Wave black metal bands. Mystifier were formed back in ’89 when black metal wasn’t so tightly policed as a genre. This was a heady time when death metal and thrash had spilled over into black metal, and black metal’s First Wave was set to turn into something more extreme still. Indeed, when better to make something so evil as a time of innocence and experimentation.Wicca exhibits elements of both death and thrash, and has just enough untutored evil to make it something truly feral.

GreyHaze release Wicca on February 18th. This release has an exclusive remastering job, and the CD ships as a deluxe digi-pack with a 16-page booklet and a live DVD. Order it here.

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