Stream New Song from Woccon’s New Album, Solace in Decay

Athens, GA heavy hitters Woccon are relative newcomers to the metal scene, but they’ve already made an impressive splash with the material they’ve recorded thus far.  Existing at some perfectly logical intersection of prog-friendly melodicism and aggressive doom, Woccon released an EP last year – The Wither Fields – that perked up our ears and gave us seven good reasons to keep listening.  Later this spring, the band will release their first full-length album, called Solace in Decay, and prospects are already looking good for the music we’ll get to hear from that record.
The band has already shared a song from the album with Decibel, and now we’re passing the metal along to you.  “Giving Up the Ghost” is full of clean leads, punishing drums, gutteral vox and an ascendant, cinematic atmosphere.  But why describe it when you get listen to it right here?  Enjoy a taste of new Woccon material, and find out what guitarist/vocalist Tim Rowland has to say about the creation of the song, the album and the art that accompanies it.

On the album, Solace in Decay:

The writing process for Solace In Decay has evolved over the course of almost a year and began before The Wither Fields was officially released. A time frame that large has led the album through many different stages of development, lending itself to a more varied expression. Our goal was to create an album where every song can stand on its own uniquely and still maintain our sound and original vision. It’s emotional and dynamic from the beginning to the end, contrasting darkness and beauty throughout. It’s more focused than our previous release and without a doubt more developed. Solace In Decay is a perfect representation of our journey past and of the future to come.

woccon outside

On the song, “Giving Up the Ghost”:

Choosing a single to premiere was a difficult process, because every song is unique, having something different to offer sonically. After a debate, we chose “Giving Up The Ghost” because we felt it establishes that we’re not just a simple doom band and shows that we have extended our reach beyond the genre. Lyrically, the song is rooted in dark, depressing themes as usual, but with a sense of liberation. I’m not one to explain the direct meaning of the lyrics, because most of the time it’s very personal. I’ll leave it up to the listeners to interpret it for themselves.

woccon silhouette

On the album art:

An easy way to describe the artwork would be to first look at it through a first-person point of view. Even with the light extending its hand, you remain where you stand in the shadows. When you stand in the darkness for too long, it suddenly becomes a place of solace as you become a mere onlooker to the outside world beyond.


Check out more Woccon at their Facebook page, ReverbNation page, or at Deathbound Records.