STREAMING: Omnizide “Death Metal Holocaust”

Omnizide. What a name. Kinda makes you think of a market-leading bug spray. But their sound makes you think of, ooh, kinda old-school Darkthrone, and falls somewhere between the nexus of death metal and physically imposing Swedish black metal, bands such as Naglfar and Watain . . . And Craft.
Definitely there’s some Craft. There’s no Craftian black ‘n’ roll to give it away—no roll whatsoever, and, besides, Craft’s roll was never really that pronounced—but all of you whose ear canals have been been preternaturally attuned to necrotic dialects might recognise Mikael Nox from Craft as the man whose throat is being ablated on tape to ensure that Omnizide make good on their “maximum aural decimation” guarantee on their debut LP, Death Metal Holocaust . . . Maximum aural decimation or your money back.

As a project, Omnizide dates back to ’95. Nox and guitarist/bassist AE first put it together under the name Belzen, before changing it to Omnizide in 2001. Ten years later, they released a seven-inch, Pleasure from Death, limited to 500 copies. This is conveniently tacked on to Pure Death Holocaust. Completists, rejoice!

Yeah, Omnizide. Remember the name. Not a wasp-repellent, not a bleach, but a a Swedish blackened death metal band who aren’t swinging for fences in search of genre reinvention, and won’t be taking off on a flight of avant-garde fancy and going ambient any time soon.

What else is left to say? Produced and mastered by Joakim from Craft, this is tough, lo-fi and primitive. Fuck. The album’s called Pure Death Holocaust, and that pretty much says it all. Death Metal Holocaust is released on Feb 7th through Carnal Records. Enjoy.

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