Get TWO free FLEXIS in the next DECIBEL!

Due to an equipment failure at our flexi disc printer, we were unable to include a flexi in the March issue of Decibel. Since we never leave our loyal subscribers in the lurch, you’ll be chuffed to find not one, but two flexis in the April issue!
Fire up those turntables, as Decibel Magazine Tour upstarts Noisem offer the brand new track “Defiled” on metallic silver on red plastic. And since that isn’t nearly enough to satiate your rumbling extreme appetite, grind ‘n’ rollers Drugs of Faith deliver a cover of Sacrifice’s classic “Re-Animation.” Misery Index frontman Jason Netherton offers backup vocals on this ripper, which arrives on black on white plastic.

So, be sure to subscribe by 9 a.m. EST on Tuesday, February 4, and ensure that you’ll get a jam-packed April issue containing both exclusive flexi discs.