Album Premiere: Iron Hand “Injected Fear”

Iron Hand are a crusty d-beat/hardcore band from New Haven, CT, and, courtesy of Safety Meeting Records you can stream their awesome debut 12-inch, Injected Fear right here, right now.
Injected Fear is a rugged and lean 18 minutes of the sort of unpolished fury that’s probably best experienced live as it rattles around an all-dayer in some derelict basement or dive bar. Taking cues from the crust and d-beat scenes in Sweden, the U.S. and Japan—bands such as Mob 47, Wolfpack, State of Feär et al—Iron Hand’s sound is a righteous piece of HC rough-and-tumble, laced with little of that metal/grind pre-apocalyptic vibe.

The record drops mid-February and you can pre-order the vinyl release here. But be quick: the vinyl release (pressed to 45RPM, complete with silkscreened cover art, and a digital download copy) limited to 300 units.

Be sure to check out Iron Hand’s previous seven-inch EPs, Liquid Assets and Usurper Divine, on their Bandcamp page; and, while you’re all hopped up and in the mood, here’s a cool interview with Iron Hand’s vocalist Brian from a couple of years ago that covers the whole band bio stuff, and has some live footage, too.

**Iron Hand on Facebook