TRACK PREMIERE: Soreption’s “Engineering the Void”

I’m pretty sure “Soreption” is a made up word. I think maybe it’s a phonetic transcription of vocalist Fredrik Söderberg’s shrieks. These dudes play seriously gnarly technical death metal to the level where you might need a physics degree just to headbang to it. You can hear them constructing the framework of the abyss as Engineering the Void runs its course, culminating in the title track – at which point they push the button and the whole thing implodes. For a band on their second full-length, they’ve figured this sound out pretty well. The album comes out in a little less than a month. Until then, here’s the title track for you to decipher. I’m pretty sure there are messages from aliens in there.

***Engineering the Void will be unleashed on February 18 courtesy of Unique Leader. Preorder it here.