TRACK PREMIERE: Waldgeflüster’s “Mit welchen Fesseln”

Apparently Waldgeflüster means “Whispering Forest” in German, which isn’t actually an inaccurate description – well, until the black metal part kicks in, and then I guess it’s more of a shrieking forest. The solo project of the dude who calls himself Winterherz, Waldgeflüster weaves together black metal and pastoral neo-folk in an unexpectedly organic way. There may still be screaming and blast beats, but it’s also beautiful in its depressive glory. We’ve got the more-or-less title track, which means “With Which Chains” (see, who says metal isn’t educational). Check it out below, then grab Meine Fesseln and go listen to it while walking through snow-covered woods. Should be plenty of those around if you’re living in the Midwest!

***Meine Fesseln comes out courtesy of Bindrune on January 10. You can preorder it here. Follow the band on Facebook for updates and grimness.