For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

Happy New Year, you pecking geeks. There’s not much going on at the end of the year, and not much going on in the beginning of the year either. I know I’ll sound like a mimic over the next few columns stating that again and again, and you know, parrots don’t like to mimic.
EXHUMED/IRON REAGAN team up to kill a split on Tankcrimes.  The fact that this is pretty good should not come as a shock to anyone, really. Both bands are killer, and although I LOVE Iron Reagan, Exhumed REALLY bring it on their side of this. Just check out the nasty old-school deathness of “Gravewalker.”  The masters of gore really go for the jugular on this one, way crustier sounding than their last full-length, and they do a Minor Threat cover (“Seeing Red,” no doubt). That’s not to detract from the Iron Reagan Side at all; they certainly bring it with their amped-up version of hardcore punk, the track “Gave Up on Giving a Fuck” is the one that stands out to this birdbrain. Cool idea, great execution. The cover is a nice nod to both bands as well.  Get this. 8 Fucking Pecks.

Continuing the theme here (no, Tankcrimes doesn’t pay me), CANNABIS CORPSE/GHOUL release a split as well on Tankcrimes called Splatterhash, and it’s death metal, it’s gory, it’s good, it’s squawking fun.  Both bands have such an abrasive sound and over-the-top aesthetic that this pairing makes perfect sense.  Nothing will come across as shocking, though, and this kind of seems like a cool release to kick off their tour together.  Cannabis Corpse have songs about weed and gore, and Ghoul have “Spill Your Guts” with songs about gore. ANY fans of this more comedic genre will love this, and any fans of either band will dig an early grave to this. Love the cover, too. Peck this bad boy up. 7 Fucking Pecks.

Can you believe it? Kicking around the underground for years,  NAUSEA are back with a new full-length, Condemned to the System, on Willowtip. There’s not much in the way of esoteric arty birdshit here, and that’s not what anyone would expect from them. This is crusty, raw, angsty, from the gut, and visceral. They’ve been kind of getting it back together, doing some fests here and there, and it’s good to see Garcia and co. return to form and get a little support. I mean, there hasn’t been a Nausea full-length since ’91. If you have never heard this band, check this out, as this release does not disappoint. Crust pecking metal.  7 Fucking Pecks.