Decibrity Playlist: East of the Wall

East of the Wall dropped its fourth full-length a little over two months ago. But just because we’re a little late getting around to praising Redaction Artifacts doesn’t mean that we don’t hold a special place in our grim hearts for the New Jersey quintet, one that’s been ensconced there since The Postman Syndrome’s 2002 magnum opus Terraforming. So we were stoked when guitarist/vocalist Matt Lupo sent us five tracks that give him “memories of warmth”. Given his musical endeavors, the diversity of what helps him deal with this wintry weather is not surprising. Feel free to listen along here and pick up a copy of Redaction Artifacts here.

Guapo’s “III” (from 2005’s Black Oni)
While this isn’t my favorite Guapo song, it’s certainly high on the list. And my favorite (“Five Suns”) is actually an entire album, so I don’t think that counts. I first heard these guys on WFMU while I was driving home form the rehearsal studio around 1am in February of 2004. I got home and sat in my freezing car until the next station break to find out what it was. The DJ played the whole Five Suns album and then forgot to tell his listeners what he just mesmerized us with. So I called the station to ask, and was introduced to a world of dark, brooding, oddness that sounds like it was written 40 years ago. “III” embodies everything that you need to know about this band.


Unwound’s “Radio Gra” (from 2001’s Leaves Turn Inside You)
Dirge-y and dirty, this instrumental cut from the second disc of Unwound’s swan song album is doom without the doom. It really does come across as the end for this band. Nothing says “it’s curtains” like that melting mellotron. And I love how the bass stays static on the verse for a while before joining up with the other instruments to round out the chord bottoms. Make sure you listen to this whole album if you’re in a cathartic kind of mood.


Kings of Convenience’s “Failure” (radio edit) (from 2001’s Versus)
It’s never too early to start hunting down that feel good song of the summer. Just had that perfect day at the beach and you’re getting ready to sip some martinis at the cabana? Didn’t think so. But this song will make you want to feel that way. I usually don’t go for remixes, however this one isn’t all that far from the original, and it adds a tasty bit of trumpet to the cocktail.


Sharks Keep Moving’s “Join Up” (from 1999’s Sharks Keep Moving)
You just messed up pretty bad, didn’t you? Yeah, someone’s crying right now and it’s definitely your fault. You just weren’t thinking, were you? Well, you could say something…you could try to make amends. It starts with an apology, an admission of guilt. It requires some introspection, and a plan for avoiding this situation in the future. And then you could both move forward. The trust could eventually be rebuilt, and you would both be stronger for the experience. But that takes time, and you don’t even think it’s worth it, do you?


Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Symphony No. 2 in E minor, Op. 27 (1908)
This here is my favorite piece of symphonic music. The first movement builds so slowly. It peaks, falls, and then climbs even higher. Then it starts sinking…by the five minute mark, you’ve already had such a dramatic experience, but then it branches out and the narrative gets even more interesting. If you can find the version by Edward Downes and the BBC Philharmonic, that’s the one you need.


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