TRACK PREMIERE: Monument of Misanthropy’s “Entering a New State”

If I commissioned a sculptor to create a monument dedicated to the hatred of mankind, it would probably be a metalhead with hair dangling in front of its eyes, carved from black onyx and brimstone, and “Entering a New State” would be blaring in a continuous loop from a speaker tucked inside the statue’s mouth.
With George Wilfinger (Raising the Veil, Disfigured Divinity, ex-Miasma) providing vocals, Jean-Pierre Battesti on bass/guitars, and Necrophagist’s Romain Goulon blasting away on drums, Monument of Misanthropy’s first track – from their upcoming album Anger Mismanagement – is a collision of violent groove and percussive technicality.

“Associations from our friends who’ve listened to parts of the album already range from Hate Eternal, a bit of Napalm Death and old Morbid Angel, Terrorizer, to even Emperor and early Behemoth. I think the sound could be best described as hateful and aggressive sounding brutal death metal with old-school death metal influences,” Wilfinger shares. “All in all, a nice horror trip into the depths of a darkened, angry soul.”


“It displays a humanoid monster leaving a wake of devastation behind. If you want, it’s an allegory of today’s youth, sickened by the global financial crisis, unemployment, by the whole environmental situation and an industry that only aims to exploit this planet ‘til there’s nothing left,” says Wilfinger of the album’s cover (by Remy C from Headsplit Design) and how it reflects the misanthropy mentioned in their moniker.  “I mean, we’re living on a planet whose [ice] caps are melting, and the oil industry’s fat cats are already fighting for the new oil fields that emerge. If that’s not a sick society we live in then I don’t know what is.”

Monument of Misanthropy have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to assist with the release of the album and related merchandise. With over 75% of their goal already achieved, they’re now making a final push before their fund-raising deadline on January 30th. Check out the awesome options to support this release over on their IndieGoGo site, and read more on crowdfunding in Kevin Stewart-Panko’s piece in dB issue #112.

Now go berserk for whatever reason you fancy while listening to “Entering a New State,” fellow humanoids.