STREAMING: Hammercult “Metal Rules Tonight”

Israel and thrash metal. Not two things associated with one another. Now, Israel and black metal, well, that’s something more common. If only marginally. Turns out Hammercult, not to be confused with HammerFall, Hammer Fight, Hammer Horde, or Hammer Witch, is the latest sensation from the Levant. Where’s the Levant? Near Turkey. Near Iraq. Near Egypt. OK, enough National Geographic.
Hammercult have been plying the waters of the Israeli metal scene since 2010. They won the Wacken Metal Battle in 2011 (whatever that is) and are now poised as Sonic Attack’s (SPV sub-label) next wonderkids. Also, Hammercult guitarist Elad Manor moonlighted as a live guitarist for stateside bashers Warbringer. Truly, the stars (of David; sorry, had to) have aligned for Hammercult.

Musically, the Tel-Aviv-based party animals are equal parts classic records you’ve heard over and over again. And broken vertebrae to while toxic waltzing with your home slices. Sort of like old Running Wild and Kreator on steroids. Wait, I didn’t say that. Frontman Yakir Shochat did: “A lot of other young thrash acts simply emulate their idols, but we play thrash the way it should sound today: extreme, ultra-hard and enhanced with other stylistic devices such as death metal, punk, black metal and hardcore. It’s like a mixture of old Running Wild and Kreator on steroids!”

OK, you be the judge and jury. Or, the hammer and the nail.

** Hammercult’s Steelcrusher is out February 4th, 2014 on Sonic Attack. No buy link yet, but you can lick (yes, lick) them on Zuckerbook. Click HERE.