TRACK PREMIERE: Graveborne’s “Tiesi Päähän”

Graveborne have clearly studied at least 75% of the albums in our Top 100 Black Metal Albums of All Time Special Issue. Also, they are from Finland. That should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect when you click the Soundcloud link below. Still, it’s really, really good black metal, the sort that has enough filth to scare your parents/pets but enough melody to keep things from getting monotonous. They hail from appropriately chilly climes, that’s definitely corpse paint, and the first track on here is called “Burn the City of God.” All good things. The track that we are exclusively premiering is called “Tiesi Päähän,” and I’m assuming that that means “BWARRRGGGGH” in Suomi. It comes from their sophomore release, Through the Window of the Night. Go get your Satan on.

***Through the Window of the Night comes out on Séance records on January 20th. Preorder it here (free shipping! Free patch!) and follow them on Facebook.