For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

Well, we all know that as the year winds down, so do the releases. This is the time of year when most labels put out compilations or package DVDs to try to grab that last dollar from the consumer.  So, without further ado, here we go.
Slams, slams and more slams. Disfiguring the Goddess release Deprive on Decomp.  This was written and performed by one-man maelstrom Cameron Argon. There’s nothing shocking here, at all, except it’s better than any of their other releases. There are blast beats, some bass breaks… you know, guttural vocals, all that jazz. The production here is a little clearer than previous efforts, but even though there’s no way to tell one song from the other, it seems the overall composition has improved. There are some moments — such as in “The Pathway to Everlasting Nothingness” at 1:44 — that seem a little strange. Some keys or some samples? But all in all, it works, and we ALL know how lame using samples is, amisquawckingrite?  Get yo slam on. 7 Fucking Pecks.

American black metal, eh? I don’t know… the words really seems to singe my tailfeathers a little. Valdur release At War With, and, well, it’s American black metal, that’s for sure. At least it’s not “witchingly dick-scratching evilly wicked frostbitten wiccan black metal” (whatever that means).  This isn’t bad; not really my thing. It’s heavy, and the vocals are cool, but I dunno… black metal in general really pulls the cover over my cage.  This is more of the “war”-type black metal, and it fits snugly in that category. I kind of like the idea that they are going for the jugular here, and make no bones about it; but at the same time, well, it IS black metal, and well… 5 Fucking Pecks.

Ingested, I got INSTANTLY turned off when I saw they’re from the U.K. I dunno, there are some GREAT U.K. death metal bands, and some really poopy ones.  This is passable. It’s more in the goregrind-y vein of death metal at times, with some gnarly slam breakdowns. Maybe it’s more slam metal with some goregrind-y parts. The production here is what’d you’d really expect, and the drummer is either triggered to all get out, or a drum machine. The blasts are FAST, but you have that drum machine sound.  Oh, the EP is called Revered by No One, Feared by All, which may be a testament to their live show. This is growing on me a like a bad feather rot; it’s cool, but it ain’t  that cool. Check out the record cover to Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering. I like that cover.  5 Fucking Pecks.

Just a heads up: Integrity remixed/remastered Systems Overload (featured in this month’s HOF) and it’s a killer reboot. Peck that thing out.