STREAMING: Immortal Bird’s “Akrasia”

As an avowed rodent partisan, I must confess to a certain dislike of our fine feathered friends – or, as I like to call them, sky vermin. And one that lives forever? Parrots already live for over a century; that’s quite long enough already (sorry, Waldo). Despite their questionable name, though, Immortal Bird – the band – are much more appealing than their airborne brethren… well, to a certain subset of the population, anyway. I’ve seen this described as black metal, but that only begins to cover it. Dark and twisting, Akrasia refuses to be pigeonholed. Often proggy, sometimes doomy, and other times quite beautiful, it offers surprises around every sudden corner. We are pleased to premiere the EP in its entirety below, just in time for the December gloom. It’s way better than the avian menace, that’s for sure.

***Akrasia is out today courtesy of Closed Casket. Purchase the CD, digital download, or T-shirt combo pack here. Follow Immortal Bird on Facebook here.