STREAMING: Phuture Doom’s “Phuture Doom”

It was basically inevitable, wasn’t it? With the accelerated crossbreeding of black metal with every possible genre and subgenre (blackgrass metal!), it was only a matter of time before someone figured out that blast beats and hardstyle beats weren’t really that far off from each other. Obviously there have been a lot of black metal/industrial hybrids, but it’s rare that an electronica artist puts corpse paint on their glow sticks. Phuture Doom are definitely more on the IDM side of things than the metal side. Their look, attitude, and general willingness to embrace the blackened arts definitely make them relevant to more adventurous metalheads, though – “Phuneral Phuture”‘s Darkthrone/dubstep mashup should be of special interest to our readers. And hey, electronica is great, black metal is great, and anything that can introduce fans of one to the other should be celebrated. With that said, check out this full album stream of their self-titled debut full-length with an open mind and dance-ready feet.

***Phuture Doom is out now on OWSLA. You can download it here. Check out their super insane website here, Facebook page here, and twitter page here.