ALBUM PREMIERE: Convulse – “Evil Prevails”

One of the first prominent death metal bands to emerge From Finland, Convulse left lasting impressions with their first two albums, 1991’s World Without God and 1994’s Reflections. However, the band was unable to sustain that momentum, ultimately splitting up not long after the release of Reflections. In keeping with the recent trend of 1990s death metal bands returning for another kick at the can, Convulse ended their 18-year dormancy in 2012. Boasting a revamped lineup (guitarist/vocalist Rami Jämsä and bassist Juha Telenius are joined by guitarist Kristian Kangasniemi and drummer Rolle Markos) the band has returned with their long overdue third album Evil Prevails, a solid slab of straightforward, first-wave death metal that’s sure to whet the appetite of anyone who’s been starved for new Scandinavian death metal of the vintage variety.
We’re more than happy to premiere Convulse’s Evil Prevails, so by all means give it a listen below. The album is out now on Svart Records.