STREAMING: The Golden Grass “One More Time”

Limited edition records are kind of stupid. Every record, even Michael Jackson’s Thriller, are limited. At least, that’s what the late great Doug Earp (he of Wyatt Earp Records; Repulsion fans take note) said to me one day while I was buying a Cathedral Soul Sacrifice 12″. And he was absolutely right. Nevertheless, labels continue to limit the number of copies available for obvious reasons. One) to fuel demand. Two) pressing records is expensive and no label manager worth his/her salt wants to sit on crates of unsellable records. That being said, the latest 7″ from New York City’s own heavy-hazy rockers The Golden Grass is limited to 200 copies on either side of the Atlantic (buy links below) and there’s not much we can do about it, except rejoice in the throwback grooves that feel like the first time Moonmadness or One Way…Or Another blared, all scratchy and slightly warped, on dad’s dusty Technics player.
To drive the point home, this is what The Golden Grass says “One More Time” is all about. Yeah, fits right in with summers of our youth, a time forgotten to the bullshit “everything’s connected” era we currently die like enslaved dogs in: “It’s a song about a girl that you fall in love with, for a day, when you’re traveling in some strange city, like Portland or New Orleans. And she has a Vespa or a moped, and you ride around town with her, all day, getting wasted, riding on her bike. Total magic. Then, you never see her again. You want to, but it never happens. Then months later you realize the beauty of the moment you two shared.”

So, it’s with corduroy dreams and Pinto nightmares that Decibel, in cooperation with Finland’s Svart Records, brings you “One More Time” from The Golden Grass. Cutting a rug is mandatory, natch.

** The Golden Grass’ “One More Time / Tornado” 7″ is out now on in the US on Electric Assault. Americans who like to boogie like it’s late summer 1972 can do so by clicking HERE. Europeans, who like the Americans, want to enjoy memories of a hazy summer back when times were great, can do so HERE on Svart Records.