Six Steps Toward Extreme Metal Halloween Preparedness

Halloween is this Thursday. Decibel wants you to be ready.
1. Minor Threat-aping Texas Chainsaw Massacre T-shirt

The genius behind this Salad Days EP cover re-imagining

…should start an agency with whoever came up with “Guilty of Being Dwight” pic below, stat:


(Picture cribbed from the Salad Days: The D.C. Punk Revolution documentary Facebook page.)

2. Crazy Tom G. Warrior “Life-Sized Concrete Death Masks”

You really have to see this stuff to believe it…

…but for those who can’t afford one of these (understandably pricey) heavy-as-heavy-gets collection cornerstones the official Exodus Tempo of the Damned pullover is a nice non-budget busting option.


3. The new HOWLING EP


The cover artwork would be enough to warrant inclusion — well, that and frontwoman Vanessa Nocera’s sick Top Five Horror Films list in this space last year — but the horror-worshipping melodic death metallers take things a step further on Tear the Screams From Your Throat with a tribute to legendary horror journalist Chas Balun and a hot shit cover of a awesome Fastway track from the Trick Or Treat soundtrack. (No, really.)

4. King Diamond Halloween Gear


Get your official candles and hoodies, and give it up for the man who so eloquently encapsulated the reason for the season…

5. Zombie Squash


Uh, George A. Romero and swaggering heavy metal meet in this video game full of insane rabbits and murderous gourds…

(H/T Chris Alexander)

6. Axeslasher’s Anthology of Terror, Vol. 1


We gave you a taste of a sick track from this straight-up thrash-terpiece a while back, and now, on Halloween day, you can get the full meal.

Here’s how the band describes itself:

Lyrically Axeslasher draws inspiration from 80s horror franchises like Friday the 13th, Nifhtmare on Elm Street, the burning, and anything ever touched by Tom Savini and George Romaro (preferably at the same time). Tales of twisted morality, satanic ritual, and witches at black mass. Axeslasher should be the soundtrack to a Tales From The Crypt reboot directed by Lloyd Kauffman.

And so…