Decibel 100th Issue Show DVD – World Premiere October 26th at Housecore Horror Film Festival

January 19th will go down in Decibel history as an auspicious moment. Chief “dude” Albert Mudrian gleefully assembled a wicked cast of artists—(black) starring Evoken, Municipal Waste, Tombs, Pig Destroyer, Repulsion, and Converge—to perform, ever so thankfully, to an audience of Decibel readers, haters, and otherwise jaded fucks (sorry Panko). Nevertheless, on that cold night in the midst of winter 2013, Decibel celebrated its 100th issue. 100 issues of Decibel. Think on that real hard. Also, know that since the magazine’s inception circulation has increased (you’d be surprised, actually) and, lucky for you, Decibel re-pioneered Flexi Discs, even if most readers have no idea what to do with the semi-hard plastic insert that’s shaped like it has no purpose.

Other than patting ourselves on our respective (and timeworn) backsides, director David Hall and crew filmed the whole thing. From lensing bands ripping up the stage at Philadelphia’s illustrious Union Transfer to “interviewing” key members of Decibel’s cast and crew (I sound slightly, uh, “slow”), Hall got it all. Well, maybe not all, but at the very least Hall caught Mudrian meeting, again gleefully, the Inebriator. What’s the Inebriator? Hell if I know. But it’s all caught on film. (a preview peek available HERE)

The coolest thing about the 100th Issue Show isn’t that it’ll be on DVD (limited to a cult 1,000 worldwide) on November 1st (available HERE at some point), but that Decibel super-nerds will be able to screen our epic on October 26th at 11:45 a.m. at the Housecore Horror Film Festival in Austin, Texas. Before it’s released, right? Yes, that’s how time works.

So, if you’re attending the Housecore Horror Film Festival—Death Metal Angola sounds positively incredible—be sure to check out the 100th Issue Show premiere. It’s just like getting an advance listening session to the new Floor record. Only this is a concert DVD. And Floor has nothing to do with it.