Great Falls – Humpty Dumpty’s Had a Few “Accidents Grotesque”

Ever been to Great Falls, MT? Surprisingly, I have. Ever heard of/heard Great Falls, the band? I have. Hell, I even enjoy them. Ever seen Great Falls live? Done that too and I enjoyed it some more. Ever seen a show in Great Falls, MT? Even more surprisingly, that’s also something I’ve managed to tick off the bucket list. Ever seen Great Falls live in Great Falls? I don’t think that’s happened yet, but chances are it’ll happen sooner or later and probably against one or the other’s will.
Assuming you already didn’t know, Great Falls, the band, hail from Seattle and feature Jesu drummer Phil Petroceli, Demian Johnston of Playing Enemy and Kiss it Goodbye notoriety on vocals and guitar, as well as our own Shane Mehling on bass. So, all of you cut-rate metalcore outfits and frilly pirate shirt-wearing power metal bands who’ve felt the sting of Mr. Mehling’s reviewing acerbic honesty, get ready to sharpen your own personal 0/10’s. Great Falls has a new album out via the folks at the appropriately named Hell Comes Home Records and down yonder below you can take a free spin of it. Then, you can start composing your angry letters of discontent about how a guy who creates and plays the aggressive noise rock and violent atonality that seeps from every pore of Accidents Grotesque is qualified to pass judgment on your milquetoast superiority.

Have fun sopping up the blood from your earholes, suckers!

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Live photo by Invisible Hour