Seeking Wisdom from Seeker

Seeker are heavy, technical, and here to eat all your stuff. Lock up your women, children, and refrigerators, and when you’ve done that, kneel at the feet of vocalist Bryce Lucien and prepare to receive some serious wisdom.

Here we are, on tour as we have been for the better part of the last year and a half, with our new album Unloved coming out in five weeks. To say I’m excited to get the album out would be a pretty huge understatement. As we enter this next chapter of our band I’ve been reflecting on what we’ve learned since we began touring, and I feel like it can be broken into three things:


1. 40’s always taste better at 3pm, in a venue parking lot. Nothing makes you feel quite as pathetic as the disgusted looks of venue staff and local bands, who do not approve of your early afternoon drinking habits. It hurts so good.


2. People in colorful neon merch, people in hardcore crews, people in flat bill caps, and people with 50’s dad haircuts all REALLY like to feel safe and hate it when you allow water bottles, guitar cabs, mic stands, yourself, etc to leave the stage during songs.

photo (37)

3. 220 pound ginger bass players eat everything as evidenced by the picture above. Don’t let them.


Take this knowledge now and go forth. You are all my children.



***Pre-order packages for Unloved are available now at Stay tuned for a new music video and tour announcements from Seeker, coming soon. Unloved drops October 29th.