VIDEO: Carvin’s Shreds of Insanity

I assume there are some fans of guitar shred reading this, because this is a metal website on the Internet. Well, today’s your lucky day! Century Media gathered four pretty killer shredders with long, flowing locks at the Carvin store in Hollywood on August 26 to allow them to show off their skills, jam together, and answer questions from their fans. It was originally supposed to be a competition, but let’s be honest – shredding is its own reward. Jake Dreyer of WHITE WIZZARD, Parker Jameson of STARKILL, Dave Silver of SAVAGE MESSIAH, and Rick Di Marco of DEATH DIVISION all prove that they know their way around a fretboard and that they’ve all watched G3 concert videos way more than any human being probably should. Check out the 40 minute video below to see the entire event; for punk rock fans, it’s basically a vision of hell, but if you’re into Yngwie, Satriani, or Petrucci, this is six string Valhalla. It also provides definitive proof that guitar heroes should probably rely on other people for their vocals.