STREAMING: Vulture Industries “Lost Among Liars”

If you were to ask Vulture Industries’ main-brain Bjørnar Nilsen where inspiration comes from, he’d probably say this: “We draw inspiration from all over but tend to give each part a good kick in the side to bend it a bit out of shape. If you draw a hexagon and put Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Devil Doll, ‘70s Alice Cooper, Mastodon and Screaming Jay Hawkins in each corner, you’d find us in the middle. (thanks Lords of Metal)”
Nick Cave and Mastodon in the same sentence? Screaming Jay Hawkins and ‘70s Alice Cooper also in the same sentence? Well, yes. Vulture Industries are Norwegian after all. And Norwegian “metal” acts have had a long history of doing things, well, the Norwegian way. They’re either strange as the night is long on the Winter Solstice or remarkably difficult to follow from a modern song construct perspective. That is to say, if you liked Arcturus, Solefald, Ved Buens Ende, Frantic Bleep, Madder Mortem, and a host of oddities calling Fjordland home, well, Vulture Industries should probably be on your target list.

After two full-lengths on label Dark Essence, the Vulture-dudes have jumped ship over to Season of Mist. A fitting home, really. Arcturus, Carnival in Coal, and host of oddbirds frantically pulling from genres disparate are now labelmates to Norway’s latest screwballs. Still onboard? Good. Check out this lyric video courtesy of Vulture Industries.

** Vulture Industries’ new album, The Tower, is out soon on Season of Mist. It’s available HERE for pre-order in lots of pretty colored—money green, white and black—vinyl, as a CD, and as a t-shirt. No combos though. Yet. You’ll have to play Killer Instinct to get the ultra-combos. Wait, where’d that come from? Let’s blame Nilsen for that non sequitur.