Decibrity Playlist: Primitive Man

The dudes in Primitive Man spent much of the summer on the road in support of their debut, Scorn. Like any other touring band, the Denver trio–which features drummer Isidro “Spy” Soto, vocalist/guitarist Ethan Lee McCarthy and bassist Jonathan Campos–has a batch of go-to tunes when it comes time to traverse the good ol’ U.S. of A that they were kind enough to share with us (even broken out by band member). As McCarthy tells us, “This is a list of songs that we jammed on our previous tour. It is full of ups and downs, similar to being out on the road. But when things are bad, it helps to light the weed, hit the music and remember how much you love doing this shit.” As we’ve come to see from the likes of Anciients, Intronaut, BATILLUS and, one of my personal favorites in this series, Kowloon Walled City, the soundtrack to touring is usually a pretty diverse one–Primitive Man’s is no exception. They even listen to audiobooks for crissakes.
Feel free to listen along here and pick up a copy of Scorn here.

Ethan’s picks:

Corrupted–El Mundo Frio (2005)
The only time I ever have an entire hour to devote to listening to this song is when I’m on tour. So it’s kind of a ritual for me. It’s good for drives when everyone else is asleep. Corrupted might be the heaviest band in the universe in my opinion.

Anything by Curren$y
This is a good way to start an early morning drive. Wake up, smoke up, gas up, ride out to the next city.


Slowdive–Souvlaki (1993)
I really like the atmosphere of this record. Super depressed and spaced out.


Anything by Crowbar 2005 and earlier
No one knows pain like Kirk.


Mournful Congregation–The Book Of Kings (2011)
So crushing and sad sounding. The songs are extremely well written and I haven’t put it down since they toured the U.S. in 2012.


Anything by the band In Disgust
The songs on their split with P.L.F. are devastating.

Spy’s picks:

Christopher Hitchens–God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything (2007)
Late at night after shows I don’t want to hear anything super loud and crazy. I’d rather listen to something informative that shares my beliefs and views on religion and politics.

George Carlin–You Are All Diseased (1999)
George Carlin is the motherfucking truth.

Jon’s picks:

True Widow–True Widow (2008)
I like this record because it’s really sad and really happy at the same time. Like touring.


Young Roddy–Good Sense 2 (2013)
This record is about the come up. And we’re on the come up.

Knelt Rote–Trespass (2012)
Because it is super fucking evil and super fucking amazing.

*Order a copy of Scorn here.

**Catch Primitive Man on tour on the following October dates:

13th – Kansas City, MO @ The Sandbox
14th – Madison, WI @ The Vault
15th – Pittsburgh, PA @ Gooski’s
16th – Philadelphia, PA @ The Millcreek Tavern
17th – NYC, NY @ TBA
18th – York, PA @ The Depot
19th – Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
20th – Louisville, KY @ Haymarket Whiskey Bar
21st – St. Louis, MO @ TBA

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